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Our Stories

Here are our best stories to share.



In the year 2016, one of our Italy customer ordered 30000pcs scarves from us for a supermarket promotional using, for their urgent need, we must finish the production one week earlier than our normal schedule time. After detail talking with our factory, we want take this order ahead of schedule to make sure that everything is ok.


The bulk fabric comes at normal time but the dying process comes the problem, as the production time just meet the G20 Summit period, lot of  chemical industry company stopped the business few days for some production adjustment and learning the environmental rules by the government. We thought about the influence by the G20 Summit before but never knew it comes so fast and directly comes to our dying factory. Our previous plan was totally broken. Delivery time will be 5 days later than our normal schedule time. We talked this emergency to our customer and asked if we can get few day later with delivery time, unfortunately, they already made the ad for the promotion, the starting time can’t be changed, we must follow all the details like before. The whole order came to a deadlock.


Based on this hard situation, we asked the factory to dye the fabric firstly in the limit time, after the dying process, the time leaved for us to printing, cutting, sewing and packing only less than one week. After serious consideration, I decided to go to China for checking all the production details. After I arrived, I saw a mountain of dyed fabric waiting for the printing. Our factory only has 2 printing machine and kept working day and night. For saving the printing time, I drove to a headband factory which cooperated with us before for some help, because they have the similar printing machine. After our sincere talking, they totally understood our hard situation and would like to help us for some printing! We transported the fabric and printing paper immediately to their warehouse and started the printing at once. I Shuttled back and forth between the two factories and got the order moved faster as we can. Finally the goods finished in the last day and cached the urgent shipping time.

This order now became a lucky but also breathtaking experience for us, as a professional trader, we must learn to fix the different problem in different way. During the order process there is no mistake by artificial reason, we can only hold together to deal with emergency, whatever our company or our factories, all our mean purpose is to meet customer’s requirement.



Airbag is the new product that we had developed for our customers in 2016. According to the specific ideas and demands of our customers, we overcame various difficulties in the process of research and development and made a mass production until the maturity of this product.


The first sample was not satisfied because it was difficult to inflate and was too small for a man to sprawl in. Thus we changed it for a smaller size and replaced the former material with check gingham and finally worked out problems existed in the first sample. To make it more functional, we shaped the outer bag into a shoulder bag so that people can fold the airbag up, put it into the outer bag and put it on shoulders or in the trunk. In addition, samples had been tested by many tests like loading test (≥150kg), UV15, and AZO free and would be sent to customer for checking and experiencing after passing those tests.

The good news finally came to us in fifteen days that a customer ordered 12k pieces with the requirement that two pockets and company logo should be added in both sides of the airbag in order to load up phones and cups. It was easy to add two pockets but hard to locate the logo which needs the accurate measurement of size and reckoning of consumption. But we tried our best to overcome those difficulties and eventually finished a satisfied sample before the mass production. Since the customer was eager to seek for large market occupation of this new product, our factory kept working day and night until the accomplishment of this order.

Since then, orders on this item are constantly flow to us. In order to keep up with the increasing demand of customers, we have been making innovations and progresses such as the sunscreen cover on the top. Therefore, we have enough confident to say that the product is more and more mature and practical to the market demand.


We need try our best to find a solution way if anything in the discuss process with our customer ,not waiting here and stop thinking, just solve the problem every time for them , it is no reason to get the order from customer .Just get change from passive to active.


One of our new customer sent the inquiry of FIFA scarf, we quoted the prices according the requirements, when he received the quotation , he asked us to supply the quality samples for their checking, surely , it is totally no problem to arrange, however ,as there are more than ten countries scarf designs, we need get the better layouts of them to make samples ,So I asked him whether have clearly files as the photos are not clearly enough to arrange samples, our customer said he only have the photos at that time , no clearly files , as the quantity of each countries scarves is not small , after checking ,I consider we could make the clearly layouts for checking and confirmation ,base on the situation , I called our design department to make the clearly layouts and I sent them for confirmation, our cutomer was really glad for that as I helped him to do the things in advance , he saved time and money ,also he could show the samples quickly to his buyer ,finally the order placed smoothly ,we also got the FIFA authorization from the buyer.

By the way , also there is a small episode that we shipped this order smoothly from Shanghai port , all the cartons are strong before we shipped ,but our customer reflected the cartons have broken nearly half quantity , we are shocked about this ,but firstly we comfort our customer to take it easy ,do not worry then we called logistics company ,we showed them the broken cartons and the strong cartons before delivery , after talking , they admitted they are careless shipping the cartons and finally they helped us to change the new cartons to our customer , also ,customer are more trust us from this thing.

Customer is glad to say 2018 FIFA scarf order will also place to us when they get it.